Economic Development

The City of Greenville’s Economic Development Department promotes a variety of activities and programs designed to obtain a healthy balance of strategic economic growth and improved quality of life.

This is achieved by facilitating private development, implementing programs for business retention, pursuing annexation opportunities, developing and implementing revitalization, recruiting businesses and cultivating residential development.

For more economic development information visit This website provides a comprehensive resource for living, working, and doing business in the city of Greenville.

Department Divisions

  • Economic Development
  • Planning and Development
  • Building and Property Maintenance
  • Community Development
Multi-use development project in the city


Real property is incorporated into the City of Greenville through the annexation process which is coordinated by the Economic Development and the Planning and Zoning Divisions. Details, applications and petition forms as well as a list of the benefits of annexation for the property owner are available.

Facade Improvement Program

The City of Greenville’s Facade Improvement Program (FIP) provides financial and technical design assistance to commercial property owners and business owners in targeted commercial districts for qualified facade improvements.

The purpose of the FIP is to support the revitalization of the City’s commercial districts by stimulating private investment in high-quality improvements that enhance the appearance of buildings and properties and eliminate blight and nonconforming design standards.