Community Response Team

The Greenville Police Department's Community Response Team (CRT) consists of one sergeant and seven officers who are known as Community Coordinators. CRT's main function is to implement community-oriented policing and problem-solving strategies.
Community policing is a philosophy that utilizes partnerships and problem-solving techniques to proactively address the immediate conditions that give rise to public safety concerns such as crime, disorder, and fear of crime. 

CRT's duties include attending community meetings, fielding community concerns from residents and businesses, working street-level criminal enforcement, and performing a variety of other functions. The Police Department's new Electronic Monitoring program for repeat offenders is also housed in CRT.

CRT also has an officer dedicated solely to community outreach. This officer is responsible for coordinating the Citizen's Academy, Youth Academy, and other police department outreach programs.

CRT officers are divided into zones of responsibility to assist the public with finding an officer if they wish to contact one. Below is the breakdown of the zones, with the name(s) of the CRT officer for each zone. 

Neighborhood Policing

The purpose of the Neighborhood Policing Zone Initiative is to establish geographical zones (PDF) of responsibility for operations, creating:

  • Enhanced personal relationships and a designated point of contact within the organization for neighborhoods
  • Accountability for problem solving, crime reduction strategies and communication with the department
On January 31, 2017, the current zone structure will change.

Operations lieutenants and CRT officers for each zone are:

  • Zone 1 - Lieutenant Jason Rampey
    • Sanders_Benjamin187Officer Ben Sanders
  • Zone 2
    • Sample_ThomOfficer Thom Sample
  • Zone 3 - Lieutenant Patricia Mullinax
    • Bryant_ErikOfficer Erik Bryant
  • Zone 4 - Lieutenant Alan Johnson
  • Zone 5 - Lieutenant Chi Blair
    • Lentz_Michelle99Officer Michelle Lentz
      • 864-467-4714