Field Operations Division

The Field Operations Division is commanded by Captain Howie Thompson.


Each shift is normally assigned two platoons, with each platoon led by a lieutenant. Platoons are further divided into two squads. A squad’s leader is a sergeant and squads are typically made up of 9-10 officers.

This means that normally the Field Operations Division has one captain, one lieutenant, two sergeants and 18-20 uniformed patrol officers in marked cars on duty and patrolling the city at all times.
Patrol officer in his car, leaving the LEC

Work Schedule

The platoons work 12 hour shifts, rotating their schedule every 5 weeks and working either day or night shift. When uniformed patrol officers arrive on duty, they attend a short shift briefing and then are divided up and assigned to patrol one of the 9 "Beats" in which the City is geographically divided.

This means we typically assign 2 officers (each with their own patrol car), to each beat. A K-9 Platoon is also assigned to the Operations Division.