Liberty Bridge Maintenance

Project Details

Astron General Contracting will be giving the bridge a complete cleaning and scrubbing. All 10,000 square feet of the bridge surfaces will be pressure washed, sanded and painted with three coats of specialized epoxy paint.

Up next, it’s time for a review and cleaning of the 37 cables and 74 sockets.

From there, the bridge will undergo cleaning and inspection of its 36 main cable clamps, 6 ring cables and ring cable spelter sockets and 32 ring cable connectors.

Once that is completed, contractors will inspect all the bolts and all 700 feet of hand railing to make sure everything is in proper working order.

Last but not least, the bridge's two 90-foot tall, 28-ton masts – both of which are anchored 70 feet in bedrock – will undergo a thorough scouring, inspecting and painting.

By mid September, the bridge will have had its smile check-up and reopen happier and shinier!