County Square Redevelopment

In February 2020, City Council approved an ordinance to amend the Haynie-Sirrine Planned Development (PD) and zoning district to facilitate the redevelopment of County Square. The ordinance established a new Greenville County Square Sub-District within the existing PD, which includes provisions for land-use requirements, architectural and design guidelines and other development parameters. Additionally, the ordinance approved the conceptual plans for a new Greenville County administrative building, which will be located at the northwest corner of University Ridge and South Church Street.

Ultimately, the 40-acre site will be redeveloped into an urban environment designed to complement downtown with a mix of commercial, residential, public/institutional and service/industrial uses. It will also feature two central plazas and three dog parks and include multi-use trail connectivity on the east, north and west boundaries to better integrate the development with the surrounding areas and provide convenient access for residents in nearby neighborhoods.   

To offset the projected increases in traffic and congestion, the PD modification includes a traffic mitigation plan with specific recommendations for road, signal, right-of-way and intersection improvements that will be phased as the site is developed. Additionally, in conjunction with the redevelopment project, the City of Greenville and Greenville County have committed to a multi-million dollar investment in the creation and preservation of affordable housing in or around the Haynie-Sirrine community.


The City has approved the final development plan for the County administrative complex, which will be constructed in the following sequence: new administrative building, parking deck and plaza area. The site plan and building permit applications are currently under review by City staff.  

Additional phases of the redevelopment will be subject to review based on the type of project submitted.