Village of West Greenville Micro-Area Plan

The Village of West Greenville Micro Area Plan is an effort to unlock the area’s potential as a node within the City of Greenville that is a welcoming, diverse, vibrant, artistic community.


With GVL2040 in mind, the City of Greenville and Wernick & Co. focused on four guiding principles in creating the plan:

  • Maintaining the Village’s authentic character 
  • Reinforcing its unique identity
  • Facilitating a mix of uses and services
  • Planning for inclusive growth


Picture ‘nodes’ as mixed-use community hubs that feature housing, employment opportunities, and a wide variety of retail, services, and community functions.

GVL2040 Executive Summary

Example of a Node Map

"...a willingness to work for what Greenville wants to be, and the ability to adapt..."

- GVL2040 Plan Summary

Public art, Spindle, located in the Village of West Greenville

"Making a range of appealing and safe mobility options possible along Greenville's major corridors to reduce dependence on cars." 

GVL2040 Comprehensive Plan

People walking on a colorful crosswalk

DRAFT Recommendations

The plan aims to connect, activate and properly regulate growth in the Village of West Greenville.

Infographic: Connect and listing connection methods

Recommendations for new wayfinding and gateway signage in the Village of West Greenville center around initiatives that could improve safety, walkability, accessibility and a sense of place.

The draft plan calls for streetscape improvements along Pendleton Street at Mason and Burdette Streets and a protected bike lane on Pendleton Street.

Infographic: Activate and listing activation methods

Through live music, pop-up markets and green space, planners believe vacant or underutilized sites within the Village of West Greenville could become active destinations for residents and visitors to the neighborhood.

Infographic: Regulate and listing regulation methods

The creation of a new zoning district would allow the Village of West Greenville to grow as a vibrant hub and keep its authentic character. A unique framework for the area would reinforce that identity and provide for a wide range of uses and services as well as unconventional, artistic neighborhood needs.