The City of Greenville is committed to guiding land use and development towards a resilient and sustainable future. Through collaboration with other City departments, non-profits groups and community leadership, Greenville aims to lead the way in sustainability.  

Long-Term Sustainability Plan Created

The City partnered with the Shi Institute for Sustainable Communities at Furman University on a long-term sustainability plan. 

Guided by the City's Green Ribbon Advisory Committee, the Sustainable GVL Plan aims to protect our natural resources, improve the health of the region's watersheds and reduce the City's carbon footprint.

Greenville City Council unanimously approved the SustainableGVL long-term plan in February 2023.

Girl holding a small tree with root ball

Green Ribbon Advisory Committee

The Green Ribbon Advisory Committee advises City Council and staff on the development of programs and initiatives, including the development of a Sustainability and Climate Action Plan, which will reduce the City's environmental impact and distinguish Greenville as a leader in sustainability efforts.

Urban Tree Canopy

A healthy, urban tree canopy is critical for sustainable urban environments. An urban forest not only adds aesthetic value, but also increases biodiversity and improves human health.

The city is dedicated to preserving existing trees as well as increasing the urban tree canopy. As part of that effort, the city has committed to planting 1,000 trees each year in city parks and right-of-way, as well as increasing public awareness through tree giveaways!

Most of the tree canopy in the city limits is located on privately-owned land. The City’s tree protection ordinance is key to encouraging the protection of healthy, mature trees on private land.