Business License Calculators

Note: fee calculators are provided below as fillable Excel spreadsheets. Selecting the link will download an Excel spreadsheet to your computer.

New in 2024

  • Business License Renewal Applications will be sent out at the end of January.
  • Your license number, pin number, control number and business license classification rate number can be found in the top right corner of the renewal application. This is the information you will need to use the calculators and online payment portal.
  • The City will begin receiving and processing Business License Renewal Applications in February.
  • For the 2024 renewal, businesses will report gross income based on the 2023 calendar year (January-December).
  • Resident businesses (only) that renew by March 31, 2024 will receive a 2% early discount.
  • The business license renewal deadline is April 30, 2024.
  • The business license operating period is May 1, 2024 to April 30, 2025.


The NAICS Code is a classification within the North American Industry Classification System. The NAICS System was developed for use by Federal Statistical Agencies for the collection, analysis and publication of statistical data related to the US Economy.

NOTE: Your NAICS Code can be found at the top of your federal tax return. Look for Business Activity Code Number on tax application. You must know your NAICS Code, as reported to the IRS, so that you will be placed in the correct city rate class.

Penalty Tiers for All Classes

New Business Penalties   Renewal Business Penalties
First month without Business License 10% If filed or postmarked on May 1st
Second Month without Business License 20% If filed or postmarked on June 1st
Third Month without Business License 30% If filed or postmarked on July 1st
Fourth Month without Business License 40% If filed or postmarked on August 1st
Fifth Month without Business License 50% If filed or postmarked on September 1st
Maximum Annual Penalty Caps at 50%   Maximum Annual Penalty Caps at 50%

All penalties are a percentage of, and added to, the license tax. Businesses that fail to purchase the license after formal notification shall be subject to a uniform summons.