Naming Guidelines


Guidelines & Recommendations

Choosing the right name for a development is an important part of project marketing and branding. Development and location names also contribute to the identity of a neighborhood, helping to define an area and distinguish it from other areas of the city.  As Greenville grows and develops, the City desires to strike a balance between welcoming new development and honoring the history and heritage of the City's unique neighborhoods.  

The City of Greenville has prepared the following guidelines and recommendations for consideration when selecting a development name.  These recommendations are intended to promote flexibility and creativity when selecting a name, while also encouraging name selections that are sensitive to the history, location and character of the area.

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  • Select a name that meets Greenville County E-911 and City of Greenville addressing requirements. This should be done before sharing any names publicly or submitting any applications; otherwise, you may be required to select a new name later.
  • Consider using the road or a geographical feature of the area as part of your name.
  • Research the history of the property and neighborhood for name ideas. This can identify previous owners, community members, businesses, events or other features significant to the area’s past that may be worth commemorating. 
  • Determine if the project is in or near a neighborhood association boundary. If yes, please consult with the neighborhood representatives before deciding on a project name — they can offer suggestions or share any concerns about a proposed name. The City has a listing of neighborhood associations and contacts; please email Neighborhood Engagement Manager Leslie Fletcher at for assistance in reaching out to neighborhoods.
  • If the project involves assigning a new road name or changing the name of an existing road, follow the legal process for doing so through the Planning Commission. Contact the Planning Office at for more information.
  • Make sure the name is consistent on all project documents and site plans submitted for City review.


  • Publicly share a development name that has not received E-911 approval.
  • Change the name of an approved project without first discussing the change with neighborhood representatives. 
  • Propose a name that is indecent or would cause harm. Likewise, developers are discouraged from proposing insensitive or controversial names.