Haynie-Sirrine Master Plan Update

The City of Greenville is partnering with the Haynie-Sirrine Neighborhood Association and community stakeholders to update the 2002 Haynie-Sirrine Neighborhood Master Plan and replace the existing Planned Development (PD) zoning district.

Public Engagement

Public Meeting Set for Tuesday, February 20

The public is invited to a drop-in style public meeting from 5 to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 20, at the Preserve at Logan Park, 70 Thruston St. Attendees can stop by anytime to learn about and provide input for a master plan to help guide development in the Haynie-Sirrine community. Children are welcome to attend with their family.

Community Survey Open

Your ideas about future growth in the Haynie-Sirrine neighborhood are needed. The Haynie-Sirrine online survey allows the public to provide initial feedback for the project team. Findings from the online survey will be provided at a later public meeting.
Take the community survey at www.publicinput.com/hayniesirrine.


The new master plan will include zoning and land use recommendations consistent with GVL2040 Comprehensive Plan and the new Greenville Development Code, and will be based on information gathered from land use, transportation, infrastructure and stormwater assessments. While the project scope does not include the County Square redevelopment, potential impacts of the redevelopment and opportunities for connectivity to the neighborhood will be considered.  

Elements of the new, illustrative master plan will include: 

  • Existing land use analysis 
  • Proposed land use map 
  • Proposed zoning map
  • Potential land acquisition map
  • Neighborhood design recommendations
  • Transportation and infrastructure recommendations
  • Proposed capital projects
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Public engagement is a critical component of the planning process, which is expected to take nine months and be complete in the summer of 2024. The City project team will work with a steering committee appointed by City Council and comprised of neighborhood residents, property owners, business owners and other community stakeholders. There will also be a variety of public input opportunities throughout the project including surveys, stakeholder interviews and public workshops.  


In 2002, the City of Greenville adopted the Haynie-Sirrine Neighborhood Master Plan, which was prepared by a project team consisting of The Lawrence Group Town Planners & Architects, Overstreet Studio, Kubilins Transportation Group, ColeJenest & Stone and Upstate Forever. An advisory committee of community stakeholders and City staff oversaw the planning process. Highlights of the 2002 plan include:

  • Creation of a new “Neighborhood Center” at the intersection of Church Street and Haynie Street/Pearl Avenue consisting of three and four-story mixed-use buildings
  • Improvement of Church Street to a tree-lined, median-divided boulevard with wide sidewalks on each side
  • Identification of approximately 20 redevelopment sites throughout the neighborhood, with specific recommendations for each
  • Development of office and housing types for a diverse population
  • Preservation of affordable housing and existing housing stock to ensure the architectural features of existing homes set the standard for the construction of new housing units
  • Use of public funds and key infrastructure investments to spur private investment
  • Adoption of the zoning overlay and Haynie-Sirrine Neighborhood Code, which was applied as a Planned Development in 2003

Haynie-Sirrine Master Plan Steering Committee
Ken Beasley, Beasley Funeral Home
Lauren Briles, Primrose School
Racquel Collier, Greenville Housing Authority
Anthony Gallo, Brio Condominium HOA
Doug Garrett, Watkins Garrett & Woods Funeral Home
Felsie Harris, Resident
Joe Hindman, Modal
Nan Johnston, Resident
Sheila McCullough, Fleet Feet Greenville
Don Oglesby, Homes of Hope
John Slipke, Resident
David Stone, Property Owner
Frances Stone, Property Owner
Lauren Stone, Property Owner
Becky Warth, Resident

In 2013, the City prepared an update to the original Haynie-Sirrine Master Plan, but it was not formally adopted. According to the executive summary, the update was proposed to address new market opportunities and pressures while retaining the key elements of the 2002 plan. 

In 2020, City Council approved a major modification of the Haynie-Sirrine Planned Development to facilitate the redevelopment of County Square. During the rezoning process, in 2019, the City hired Urban Design Associates (UDA) to conduct a connectivity study with recommendations to integrate the new County Square redevelopment into the rest of the neighborhood. This was followed by the South Downtown Small Area Plan in 2020, also prepared by UDA, which included recommendations for redevelopment and capital improvements in parts of the Haynie-Sirrine neighborhood. To date, the Small Area Plan has not been formally adopted. In 2022, the City received a final Traffic Analysis and Infrastructure Assessment from HDR, which was completed in conjunction with the South Downtown Small Area Plan.

In June 2023, City Council formally adopted the new Greenville Development Code and zoning map for the City of Greenville. Formulated over an 18-month process following the adoption of GVL2040, the City’s comprehensive plan, the development code includes all-new zoning districts that have been applied throughout the city. Existing Planned Developments, including the Haynie-Sirrine PD, were not rezoned. During the development code process, neighborhood leaders expressed an interest in updating the PD zoning for the Haynie-Sirrine neighborhood, including the possibility of rezoning to districts under the new code.