Recycling A-Z

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Aerosol Cans

Aerosol cans must be completely empty of contents, and have the plastic cap removed. Please place in your recycling container.

Aluminum Cans

Please place aluminum cans in your recycling bin or drop them off at the Stone Avenue Recycling Center or the Rutherford Road Recycling Center.

Architectural Salvage

Please take any architectural salvage to Habitat for Humanity. If you have any questions, please contact Habitat for Humanity at 864-298-0099.


The City of Greenville collects appliances at the curb for City garbage customers. If you wish to have this service at your home, please call 864-467-4345. Other organizations that collect appliances are:

  • Goodwill Industries: 864-351-0100
  • Habitat for Humanity: 864-298-0099
  • Miracle Hill Ministries: 864-242-6931
  • Salvation Army: 864-235-4803


If you require assistance with the collection of asphalt, please call on of the following:


Baby Gear Recycling

If you wish to recycle your old baby gear, rather than just throw it away, BabyEarth can be of help to you.


It is now safe for City of Greenville solid waste customers to dispose of household batteries (AA, AAA, etc.) in their garbage carts. All others should check with their garbage collection provider before doing so.

Car batteries, rechargeable batteries and cell phone batteries must be taken to an approved collection site. Visit for locations.

For household battery, cell phone and rechargeable recycling options, visit


Please deposit books into the mixed paper container at the Stone Avenue Recycling Center. Please remove the binding and cover, and any other material such as (plastic dust jackets or bookmarks) that are not paper before putting in the recycling bin.

The following organizations also accept books

· Goodwill Industries: 864-351-0100

· Greenville Literacy Association 864-467-3456

· Habitat for Humanity: 864-298-0099

· Miracle Hill Ministries: 864-242-6931

· Salvation Army: 864-235-4803


Carpet / Carpet Pad

For carpet that is in good condition:

  • Habitat for Humanity: 864-298-0099
  • Miracle Hill Ministries: 864-242-6931

For carpet that is old and / or in bad shape:

  • Lafarge North America: 843-462-7141
  • Southeastern Plastics Recovery: 843-308-5800


If you have copier, fax, laser or toner cartridges, please recycle them at these retail locations:

  • Office Depot
  • Office Max
  • Staples

Cell Phones

Verizon Wireless accepts old phones and will pay for the postage to return them. You have the option of getting a Verizon credit or gift card.

Chemicals Hazardous Waste Management Companies

  • Carolina Environmental Assoc Inc.: 800-848-2324
  • Hazpro: 864-848-1312

For additional information on chemical disposal, contact the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control office at 864-241-1090.

Clothing & Accessories

Clothes can be donated to charitable organizations such as:

  • Dress for Success: donate dresses for out-of-work mothers
  • Goodwill Industries: 864-351-0100
  • Green Karat: recycle your old jewelry
  • Greenville Rescue Mission: 864-242-6933
  • Habitat for Humanity: 864-298-0099
  • Junior League Nearly New Shop: 864-232-1051
  • Miracle Hill Ministries: 864-242-6931
  • Safe Harbor: 864-467-1177
  • Salvation Army: 864-235-4803
  • Palmetto State Thrift Company: 864-962-3133

Coat Hangers

Dry cleaners may accept wire coat hangers for recycling. Check the yellow pages for listings.

Computer Equipment

Concrete & Construction Waste

  • ACE Environmental: 864-947-8100
  • Concrete Recycling: 864-579-3794
  • Pavement Products and Services: 864-233-1990

Construction Waste

  • DHEC Center for Waste Minimization

The Department of Health and Environmental Control helps facilities improve their environmental performance through sustainable environmental initiatives.

Corrugated Cardboard

Flattened cardboard with all debris removed can be placed at the curb for pick-up, or can be delivered to the Stone Avenue Recycling Center.


Whole Foods is partnering with the Cork Forest Conservation Alliance to recycle corks.


Egg Cartons

Paper cartons can be placed in your curbside bin or taken to the Rutherford Road or Stone Avenue Recycling Center. Styrofoam cartons can be taken to Publix Grocery Stores, where recycling bins are set up outside the front doors. Another option is to donate them to schools or churches for reuse.

Electronic Equipment & Scrap

Special Notice: Electronics Ban in Effect Beginning July 1, 2011:

  • It is against the law to dispose of computers, computer monitors, televisions and printers (as well as parts of any of these items) in a recycling or trash container

For more information about this law, view the S.C. Code of Law, 48-60-90, and ways to lawfully recycle the electronics listed online.

The City of Greenville holds two electronics recycling days each year to collect these items. Or, you may drop off electronics anytime at the following Greenville County recycling centers 7:00 a.m-6:00 p.m. Tuesday- Saturday: 

Eastside Area and South of Greer
Enoree Residential Waste and Recycling Center
1311 Anderson Ridge Road, Greer 29651

Greer and Blue Ridge Area
O'Neal Residential Waste and Recycling Center
3769 Camp Road, Greer 29651

Simpsonville, Mauldin, and Fountain Inn
Simpsonville Residential Waste and Recycling Center
517 Hipps Road, Simpsonville 29680

South Greenville
Piedmont Residential Waste and Recycling Center
200 Owens Road, Piedmont 29673

Travelers Rest and Slater-Marietta
Echo Valley Residential Waste and Recycling Center
3705 Geer Highway, Marietta 29690

West Greenville and the Downtown Area
Blackberry Valley Residential Waste and Recycling Center
409 Blackberry Valley Road Greenville, 29617

Twin Chimneys Landfill
Monday - Friday: 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Saturday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
11075 Augusta Road, Honea Path 29654

There are special events and programs in Greenville to help you recycle electronic equipment:

If you have any questions, please contact local companies such as:

  • Clean Lites: 864-503-9900
  • Earth Protection Services Inc. (EPSI): 864-847-7700

Contact the Goodwill Computer Store in Simpsonville for refurbishing and recycling options. Goodwill computer drop-off locations can also be found at the Blackberry Valley, O'Neal, Piedmont and Enoree County-run convenience centers.

Donations: Some public schools, churches, and non-profit organizations accept some used computer equipment for reuse. You will need to call to confirm prior to delivery. For more information on electronics recycling:


Donate used eyeglasses:

  • Haywood Mall: 864-234-7200
  • LensCrafters
    101 Verdae Boulevard
    Greenville, SC 29607
    Phone: 864-676-1122

Check the Yellow Pages under "Opticians" for additional listings.


FedEx Envelopes

Tyvek or FedEx envelopes can be recycled free by calling Tyvek at 866-338-9835. They will send a recycling pouch with a pre-addressed label so you can easily mail it back in.

Fleece / Polartec

To easily recycle your patagonia fleece clothing, visit Patagonia's website.

Fluorescent Bulbs

Fluorescent light bulbs should be recycled with household hazardous waste recyclables due to the mercury content in these lights. For more information, contact a local fluorescent bulb recycler such as:

Information on advantages of fluorescent bulb disposal:

Foam Packaging

EPS National Mail-Back Option: If there is no EPS recycling in your community please send it via U.S. Postal Service or other carrier to Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers (AFPR). Average shipping fees range from $1.50 - $9 based on the total packaging weight. To maximize your EPS recycling efforts via the mail-back option we recommend the following:

  1. Make sure the EPS is clean and free of any plastic film, loose parts or glued-on cardboard.
  2. To increase the amount of EPS in each shipping container, it can be easily broken or cut into smaller pieces so that more foam can fit in individual boxes. AFPR will also recycle the corrugated boxes used to ship the EPS.
  3. When shipping EPS biomedical coolers simply tape the top and bottom pieces together with shipping tape and apply the label and postage directly to the EPS. An outer, corrugated box is not necessary.
  4. AFPR does not accept extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam including meat trays, cups, egg cartons or other disposable food service items for recycling.
  5. Prepare shipping label and affix postage for delivery to: Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers
    1298 Cronson Boulevard
    Suite 201
    Crofton, MD 21114
  6. To facilitate shipping from home, the United States Postal Service (USPS) provides numerous options for printing labels and / or postage using online resources. This convenience also allows you to have the shipment picked up by your local USPS carrier as outbound mail.

EPS can be identified by the number 6 plastic resin identification code. Many types of foam plastic are not clearly marked, if you have questions please contact AFPR at 410-451-8340 for clarification.

To obtain information about other recycling opportunities, including food service, rigid durable goods and other plastics, please check the U.S. and Canadian Recycled Plastic Markets Database. For loose fill, peanut recycling please call the Peanut Hotline at 800-828-2214.

The information contained herein is subject to change and is provided without any express or implied warranty as to its truthfulness or accuracy. The Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers does not endorse the products or processes of any individual manufacturer or recycler.


Freon should be recycled with Household Hazardous Waste. Please contact the Greenville County Department of Health and Environmental Control at 864-241-1090.


  • Goodwill Industries: 864-351-0100
  • Habitat for Humanity: 864-298-0099
  • Miracle Hill Ministries: 864-242-6931
  • Salvation Army: 864-235-4803


Gasoline / Diesel Fuel

You can recycle gasoline and diesel fuel at Blackberry Valley Convenience Center. View Greenville County's website for more information.


Glass bottles and jars will no longer be accepted for curbside pickup or recycling center drop off. Please include them in your household waste.

Also not accepted:

  • Ceramics
  • Drinking glasses
  • Light bulbs
  • Plate glass


Holiday Lights

Holiday string lights and extension cords can NOT be placed inside of your recycling carts or dropped off at recycling centers. However, local metal recyclers will accept them and scrap them for the copper. Please contact local metal recyclers in your area.


Junk Mail

Stop junk mail and unwanted catalogs by writing "Return to Sender" and placing back in the mail or contact the sender and ask them to remove you from their list.

You may also write directly to:

  • ADVO - System, Inc.
    Director of List Maintenance
    239 West Service Road
    Hartford, CT 06120-1280
  • Customer Service Department
    National Demographics and Lifestyles
    Denver, CO 80202
  • Mail Preference Service/Telephone Preference Service
    Direct Marketing Association
    PO Box 90008
    Farmington, NY 11735-9008



You may recycle magazines at the curb or at Stone Avenue Recycling Center or you may take your slightly worn magazines to any of the following:

  • Churches
  • Doctor's offices
  • Elementary schools
  • Health clubs
  • Hospitals

Medication Disposal

A permanent drug disposal container is now available in the Greenville County Law Enforcement Center located at 4 McGee Street in Greenville. This option is available to you 24/7.

Mercury Containing Materials & Hazardous Waste

Also, see Fluorescent Bulbs.


See Scrap Metal.

Mixed Paper

A mixture of papers including:

  • Cardboard
  • Cereal and cracker boxes
  • Envelopes
  • File folders
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Office paper
  • Phone books

Mixed paper is accepted at the curb or at the Stone Avenue Recycling Center.



Place used newspapers in a recycling bin at the curb or at any the Stone Avenue Recycling Center.


Cooking Oil

Collect the oil and allow it to solidify, then place it in trash. Please do not pour the oil down a drain.

Motor Oil

People who would like to take care of motor oil themselves can take used oil to any of the County Convenience Centers or to a local automotive retailer such as:

  • Advance Auto
  • Auto Zone
  • Jiffy Lube
  • O'Reilly Auto Parts
  • Pep Boys
  • Tractor Supply Company
  • Wal-Mart Supercenter

Remember, never pour used oil on the ground, into sewer drains, or into surface water or ground water. Improper disposal of used oil is against the law in South Carolina.

For more information on proper disposal of used oil, contact the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control at 800-768-7348.

Oil Filters

Oil Filters can be recycled at one of the County Convenience Centers.



  • Be sure your packing peanuts aren't the biodegradable type which you can put in flower beds and vegetable gardens or in your compost pile as they are cornstarch-based.
  • Publix supermarkets accepts clean foam meat trays and egg cartons for recycling. Look for the green bins outside the stores. Please consider buying eggs in fiber-based containers as they are much easier to recycle.
  • Post-industrial expanded polystyrene isn't economically or environmentally feasible to recycle due to the cost and storage time to gather a truckload quantity in addition to driving the load across the country to a market.


Please do not leave paint at the Stone Avenue Recycling Center.

Many charitable organizations will take good used paint. Check with your local schools, churches and theaters prior to disposal.

When disposing of your paint, the content must be dry. To properly dry the contents, add sand or kitty litter to the liquid and place into your garbage cart. 


Pallets are recyclable. Please check yellow pages for additional listings. Call 467-8300 for additional vendors.

  • Henson's Inc: 828-859-5836
  • Pallet Solutions: 864-895-2145


Use canvas bags when shopping to avoid those extra bags from the grocery store. Many grocery stores sell canvas and mesh bags at a reasonable price. A canvas bag will hold more items, will not break and scatter your groceries, and the handles make the bags much easier to manage.

Also see mixed paper or office paper.


Purchase less toxic products when available, and only the amount you need. Do not overuse the product - more is not better. Donate unused portions of pesticides to neighbors, churches, and community groups.

Phone Books

Recycle phone books in your recycling bin at the curb or at the Stone Avenue Recycling Center drop-off or convenience centers.

Photographic Chemicals

Don't contaminate our drinking water by pouring chemicals into your drain!

Plastic Bags

Please return your plastic bags to your local supermarket for recycling. This includes:

  • All clean, clear bags labeled with a Number 2 or Number 4
  • Plastic dry cleaning bags
  • Plastic newspaper bags
  • Retail bags (hard plastic and string handles removed)

Plastic Newspaper Bags and Grocery Bags are not accepted in curbside bins or at the drop-off centers. Please try to reuse grocery bags for storage or for trash can liners or return to the local supermarket.

Note: Please ensure that all plastic bags are clean and dry. Please remove receipts.

The following are considered film contaminants, please do not include:

  • No Film bags that have been painted or glued
  • No Film bags that have had direct contact with food or organic material
  • No Food Wrap (e.g., Saran Wrap®)

Plastic Containers

The city accepts all plastic bottles and jugs, and all plastic containers numbered 1-7.

Polystyrene & Polyethylene

Polystyrene and polyethylene can be recycled at:

  • The Bean Bag Boys, Inc: 803-356-0326
  • Plastics Reclaim: 864-421-0402
  • Polymer Recovery Group: 704-391-2470
  • Trademark Corporation: 879-1186

Propane Tanks

Please visit the Rhino Recycling website for more information.


Scrap Metal

City solid waste customers can put all scrap metal and appliances at the curb for recycling. Call 864-467-4345 to arrange a pickup. Non-City customers can call the following vendors or check the Yellow Pages for the most updated listings:

  • CRG 864-294-4608/800-225-2898
  • Dixie Iron & Metal 864-232-4490
  • Greer Metals 864-879-3936
  • M&M 864-363-5440
  • Norris Iron & Metal: 864-232-4490

Shipping Material

For shipping, replace foam or bubble wrap with balled up newspaper or magazine pages.


Nike's Reuse-A-Shoe Program: Athletic shoes can be recycled in to playgrounds, running tracks and basketball courts. Ship old and defective shoes of any brand to:

Nike Recycling Center
c/o Reuse A Shoe
26755 95th Street
Wilsonville , OR 97070

Also, shoes in wearable condition should be donated to any of the following:

  • Goodwill Industries: 864-351-0100
  • Greenville Rescue Mission : 864-242-6933
  • Habitat for Humanity: 864-298-0099
  • Miracle Hill Ministries: 864-242-6931
  • Safe Harbor : 864-467-1177
  • Salvation Army: 864-235-4803

Check out more recycled footwear donation programs at Recycled Runners.

Smoke Detectors

Photoelectric smoke detectors are not hazardous to the environment and can be disposed of in the trash. However, ionizing smoke detectors should be returned to the manufacturer. If you are unsure which type you have, return it to the manufacturer to be safe.

Sports Equipment

Good, used sporting equipment can be donated to local churches, schools, and civic organizations.

Play it Again Sports also takes used equipment. Please call them at 864-268-2407 for more information.

Steel Cans

Steel cans may be placed at the curb or at:

Stone Avenue Recycling Center
800 E Stone Avenue
Greenville, SC 29601



Presently, there is no program for recycling syringes. Please contact your health provider for disposal options or purchase Sharps containers to participate in the mail-back program.

Otherwise, please place your needles in a thick plastic container such as a detergent jug, tightly screw the cap back on and tape the top to the neck and body of the container. Throw this container into your garbage and place the bag into your cart, not your recycling bin. Please help keep City employees safe by using this practice.

For more information, please visit the Safe Needle Disposal website.



  • J.G. Thompson Enterprises: 828-453-0034

Also, see clothing.


Rimless tires used on cars, motorcycles, vans and small trucks will be collected at the curb. However, no large truck tires, farm equipment tires or other heavy equipment tires will be picked up. Please call customer service at 864-467-4345 for pick-up.




Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper without metal, foil or cellophane material is recyclable, however its high-clay and low-paper content make it difficult to recycle. Instead, get creative and choose reused/reusable alternatives like comics, posters, maps, blueprints, or calendars (all recyclable), fabric, reusable paper or cloth gift bags or bandannas.


Yard Waste

May be placed at the curb for collection on your regular garbage day. The yard waste is ground into mulch at the Enoree Landfill and is made available to residents of Greenville County free of charge. Please call 864-297-8558 for pickup dates and times and availability of the mulch. Composting is an alternate way of using yard waste. Please call 864-467-8300 for more information.

  • Enoree Landfill
    1311 Anderson Ridge Road
    Greer, SC 29651