Transit Advertising

A High-Impact, High-Exposure Medium

Transit advertising effectively increases top-of-mind awareness through repeated exposure and the use of large, mobile graphics that quickly brand your company. It also reaches a large number of consumers without competing for ad space or airtime.

Consumers now spend less time at home than ever before. Placing an outdoor, mobile message means that your brand will be seen by three quarters of passing individuals.

Greenlink buses travel an average of 200 miles per day along many of the area's highest traveled roads giving advertisers a high-impact, high-exposure medium. Advertising panels are sold on the exterior and interior of buses.

Greenlink also offers bus shelter advertising with more than 65 shelters installed along many of Greenville's major thoroughfares. Interior and exterior advertising positions are available.

"The addition of transit advertising to our promotional efforts was outstanding. Many, many people commented on how they saw us everywhere." - Wendy Green, Reedy River Duck Derby

King Panel

King panels are installed roadside, or on the driver’s side of the bus, and measure 88" x 30". Roadside panels carry your message to thousands of motorists and pedestrians daily.

Queen Panel

Queen panels are installed curbside, or on the passenger side of the bus, and measure 88" x 30". Queen panels offer high-frequency advertising to the public and passengers alike.

Rear Panel

Greenlink offers a limited number of rear advertising panels. These panels appear on the lower left portion of the rear of the bus and measure 44" x 22".

Interior Bus Panels

Internal panels are located in the easy-to-see overhead area inside all Greenlink buses. Greenlink passengers are on board an average of 30 minutes, giving your message plenty of time to make an impression. Interior ad panels are sold in packages of five (5) and are available in standard (28" x 11") and large (46" x 11") sizes.

Bus Shelter Panels

Bus shelters give you fixed-position advertising along many of the busiest roads in and around Greenville. Each shelter offers interior and exterior ad space measuring 45" x 66". Shelter panels present your brand and message to motorists and Greenlink passengers.

Greenlink transit advertising requires a one-month minimum placement. Monthly advertising rates are net, and include installation and removal of ad panels. Multi-bus and multi-shelter discounts are offered for placement of two or more panels. Rates do not include ad design or production.

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