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August Steering Committee Update

The GVL2040 steering committee met in early August to discuss feedback they received from the “kitchen table conversations” they facilitated in July. Committee members also discussed the core values that they feel characterize the city, both historically and today, and those they hope will characterize the community in the future.

The first GVL2040 public open house was held August 7 at Springfield Baptist Church. A total of 109 residents attended, providing input on a range of issues, including how they would describe Greenville’s past and present and what they would like to see for its future. Many of the attendees described Greenville as “entrepreneurial,” “bold” and “industrious,” and would like to see the community strive to become “inclusive,” “generous” and “resourceful.”

Attendees also had the chance to weigh in on what they like most (parks and trails, aesthetics and quality of life) and what concerns them (traffic, housing and growth) about Greenville. Neighborhood planning projects were among the projects that attendees deemed most important, citing social equity and economy as the reason. Attendees also felt that corridor planning was crucial to Greenville’s economic vitality and that parks and recreation planning was essential to residents’ quality of life. 

The project team plans to hold the next GVL2040 public open house in early November.

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