Why is the plan so auto-oriented?

We don’t consider the plan to be auto-oriented. The plan supports the creation of small urban centers within a five-minute walk of adjacent traditional neighborhoods. Those urban centers are connected via corridors designed to support public transportation, which could be bus, light rail or some future option.

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1. Why doesn’t the plan prioritize the creation of jobs?
2. Will the development orientation of the plan lead to gentrification?
3. Why is there so little emphasis on the natural environment in the plan?
4. Why doesn’t the plan address the fact that the city has more than 500,000 square feet of vacant office space?
5. Why is the plan so auto-oriented?
6. Why does the plan assume growth?
7. Other cities are regulating single-family housing out of existence, so why doesn’t this plan do that?
8. Why doesn’t the plan speak to the need for more companies to relocate here?
9. The plan shows that Greenville hasn’t prioritized African Americans, who seem to have been leaving the city for the county, yet there’s no strategy to deal with this. Why not?
10. Why doesn’t the City of Greenville’s plan correlate with Greenville County’s comprehensive plan?
11. I’ve read the plan’s values and principles, and I get all that, but what is the overall vision?
12. The plan doesn’t explain what we’re going to do – why is it so vague?
13. These are expensive priorities, and the plan says that local funding will need to play a big role. Where will that money come from?
14. One of the “nodes” is close to where I live. How soon will these nodes be developed and is there anything I can do to stop it from happening?
15. Our downtown and riverfront are hugely important to the whole community, so why doesn’t the plan address them?
16. Where will all of this new affordable housing go? Who gets to decide where it goes and who can live there?
17. Since open space doesn’t generate taxes or jobs, can we afford to keep so much land from being developed?
18. How does the plan account for the added traffic that all of this new development will generate?
19. Why are you trying to reduce reliance on cars instead of just widening the roads to reduce congestion?
20. Why isn’t there more of an emphasis on the need for Greenville to grow and develop and create more jobs?
21. Why does the plan focus so much on affordable housing?
22. Few people ride the buses we have now, so why does the plan talk about improving bus service?
23. I know the plan focuses on creating new development “nodes,” but what about existing neighborhoods? What are we doing to improve those?
24. Who decided that enterprising, resourceful, inclusive and courageous were “our” core values?
25. How much will this raise my taxes?