When was the draft code developed?

The draft development code and zoning map were prepared through a public, 18-month process that began in October 2021 following the adoption of GVL2040, the City’s comprehensive plan. The draft incorporates feedback received through a variety of public engagement efforts, including presentations to neighborhood associations, community organizations and professional groups, as well as multiple, ongoing public events and information sessions. 

This year alone, there have been 75 public and neighborhood-level meetings and nine public Learning Labs related to the development code.

Additionally, when the draft code was published on January 23, a postcard was mailed to every property owner in the city (21,326 addresses) and 1,000 signs were placed in neighborhoods and along commercial corridors throughout the city.  

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1. Why is the City rezoning properties?
2. When was the draft code developed?
3. What will the new code do?
4. I’ve heard that the federal government is involved in rezoning property in Greenville – is that true?
5. I’ve heard that single-family neighborhoods will no longer exist if the development code is approved. Is that true?
6. How will the development code affect minority and low-income neighborhoods?
7. How will the new code protect existing neighborhoods?
8. How will the new code affect the neighborhoods where churches are located?
9. I heard that, with the new code, residents whose homes are nonconforming will not be able to rebuild their homes if they catch on fire – is that true?
10. What are some of the other benefits of the new code?
11. Have property owners’ concerns been considered during the process?