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SC DHEC Wastewater Construction Permit Preliminary Review Application Revisions

  1. Wastewater Construction Permit Application Revisions

    Please allow 24 to 48 hours for processing.

    Please upload each file the City of Greenville needs to begin your SC DHEC Wastewater Construction Permit Application.

    Failure to upload the correct document will delay the review process.

    Once you have submitted your application, the City of Greenville will review your plans and contact you via email whether they are approved or require revisions.

    If they require revisions, you will need to submit revised drawings using our Revision e-form.

    If they are approved, you will be required to submit the documents on the checklist, provide a check to the City of Greenville for the fee, and another check written to DHEC for their fee.

    Please note, payment is not required at this time.

  2. Agreement*

    I agree to conduct transactions with the City of Greenville by electronic means. I agree that the use of the name and date below in combination intends to serve as my signature authorization on this application and/or plans to be used for the review electronically. Any use of the name and date in combination binds me to the terms and conditions the same as my signature on the application.

  3. To obtain a letter of flow acceptance from WCRSA, submit a Preliminary Sanitary Sewer Agency Review Form to the City; the City will complete the appropriate section and return the form and a conditional O&M letter to the design engineer.

  4. Include the following items as applicable to the project –
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