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1. When does the City’s temporary curfew begin?
2. How long will the curfew be in effect?
3. What is considered the Central Business District?
4. Are there any exceptions to the curfew?
5. Do food delivery people fall under the exemptions to the curfew?
6. Are customers allowed to come inside the restaurant to order and pay for a take-out order?
7. Are customers allowed to eat/drink on the restaurant’s patio or in other sidewalk/outdoor dining areas?
8. A 60-day restriction seems extreme - why didn’t the City start with 14 days and see how it goes?
9. Why is providing take-out service safer than serving customers in the restaurant if our employees are using proper hygiene and practicing social distancing?
10. Is this restriction only for restaurants, bars and breweries in the city limits or throughout Greenville County?
11. Does the restaurant restriction apply to food trucks?
12. Does the restaurant restriction apply to private event venues?
13. Can a hotel provide “to go” meals inside of the hotel?
14. Are there any restrictions on liquor/packaging stores?
15. Can restaurants provide alcohol to-go?
16. Are salons, barbershops and other similar businesses allowed to continue operating?
17. What happens if a business doesn’t comply with the City’s restrictions?
18. Is there anything the City can do to help the owners of the restaurants, bars and breweries?
19. Are there any resources available for business owners and and people who are out of work due to government-mandated closures?
20. Why hasn’t Haywood Mall been ordered to close?
21. Have traffic-related court cases been postponed?
22. Should churches suspend services for the near future?
23. Can landlords evict renters who are unable to pay their rent during this health crisis?
24. Can weddings and receptions still take place in a church?
25. Is the City restricting private events on private property if over 50 people? Even if there is no permit (i.e. an event venue)?